R4Slide – find slide original picture by photo

Get picture without any distortions, full presentation in pdf, author e-mail, if he leave it.

For now it works better if slide takes most of picture.

R4Slide will compare your photo with uploaded presentations, get original slide picture, download full presentation and author contact!

Have your presentation? Place it here. It takes a minute.

System calculate result: this slide looks like slide on your photo.

Author will glad to contact: e-mail@author.com

We are developing the best finding slides algorithm. Did you find exactly your slide?


Wait a little, the system performs calculations.

Let us continue!

We want to benefit people who see poorly, who like to study the material afterwards and share useful information with colleagues! Down with illegible photos, down with unanswered questions and lost contacts! With your money we will improve the algorithms, pay for the computing power and make the service more convenient.